Оливера Аризанова
Оливера Аризанова

Оливера Аризанова

Olivera Arizanova

Оливера Аризанова

Olivera Arizanova-Mannsbart is not only one of the most experienced actresses, but also one of the most recognizable. After completing her education at the Macedonian University, she was born in Strumica and played the most varied roles. Including names such as: State Theater in Skopje - Macedonia, folk theater Stip, folk theater "Vojdan Cernodrinski" in Prilep, Zimmer Theater in Tübingen, Windspieltheater Berlin, Hebbeltheater – Werkstatt der Kulturen in Berlin and the folks theater Anton Panov in Strumica - Macedonia, which since 2007 her Main house is.
Her breakthrough came in 2010 with the monodrama "TAA" ("SHE") after a script by Daniela Koleva. The stage play deals with the theme of the modern woman who seeks to successfully unite family, work and private life and repeatedly pushes existing limits. Since the premiere in 2010 and the fiftieth repetition in 2018, this concept still fills the theaters both nationally and internationally, and demand is still unabated.
The fact that Olivera Arizanova-Mannsbart is not only a big name in classical theater, but also in other areas, shows her as a puppeteer in the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm "Hansel and Gretel".
Through her great commitment in the child and youth field, she was able to actively inspire the youngsters for the theater and the stage. In cooperation with the NGO "MANA", founded by the organization "DUMON" and supported by the city of Strumica and her main house Anton Panov, Olivera Arizanova-Mannsbart founded the "Summer Theater School" in 2012, which is still an integral part of her repertoire. Last but not least, it was the tireless efforts of Olivera Arizanova-Mannsbart and the extremely positive response of parents and media to their work, which allowed this project to grow continuously.
Olivera Arizanova, May 2018

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