Автор: Марта Ладжански- Будапеща, Унгария

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L1 Association presents
Concept/director: Márta Ladjánszki
Performers: Noémi Kovács (dance), Eszter Mórocz (dance), Zsolt Varga (music)
Original music: Oliver Mayne (GB), Zsolt Varga (H)
Costume: Butterfly

"Your touch is tender and exciting. We join in an amorous embrace, but are enveloped in a maddening solitude. We wish to appear and to be together, to see and to be seen, to reveal and be revealed. Before we part forever, let's meet up again, just one last time."

www.martaatwork.com / www.L1.hu

Supported by L1 Independent Artists Association, NKA – Táncművészet Kollégiuma, EMMI, Workshop Foundation, Embassy of Hungary in Sofia, Hungarian Cultural Institute Sofia
Special thanks to Tamás Csizmadia, Emese Kovács, Tomas Moravek and for Bill Young, Júlia Garai, Zsolt Koroknai, Edit Kozár and Csaba Molnár for their collaboration and shared thoughts during the first rehearsal phase of the piece in 2010.

Between 2008 and 2010 I’d been creating pieces based on mutual attention and respect where the individual pieces connected to each other and run under the series title statusM. It was always a very interesting, illuminating and exciting process in which the one-month workshop and research phase was followed by a ‘summarising’ performance of the given status “of mine” (=M). In this series there was one (undeservedly) ephemeral piece BY the way which debuted in 2010 and which is now re-vitalised by new dancers keeping however one from the original cast, the original structure and rhythm and almost the original choreography. The re-birth of this work is supported not only by the fresh energy of the new comers but by the brand new light design as well. We truly hope that this time we will have more opportunities to present it both in Hungary and abroad.” (Márta Ladjánszki) 

“…a piece full of attention and solicitude” (Anna Biczók)

“…everything was very accurate and clear therefore the men and their relationships which I saw on stage became way more naked. The movements invited me to enter instead of having covered the entrance. This is a huge and unique thing nowadays.” (Emese Cuhorka) 

“Everyday we are prisoners of a daily existence which partly but continuously takes ownership of our identity, while still allowing us, sometimes, to try new perspectives, to reconstruct ourselves, and to change. These are useful and necessary changes, which we strongly desire but are hard to attain due to the globally dysfunctional system in which we leave, and so they can happen only in micro-universes which try to function according to they own internal logic. Fortunately, miracles sometimes happen, Innovation, creativity and beautifully expressed ideas become the engine of a whole new mechanism and in these micro-universes one finds the desire to be truly free, to change the world and to press continuously the button called re-activity.
Márta Ladjánszki is one of those artists who need diversity in everything they create. She is wary of limitations, both artistic and physical, therefore she intends her productions to explore motion and endurance as much as possible by combining choreography and sound, most of the time choosing live music. Márta has a rich artistic background - she studied ballet, gymnastics, jazz and modern dance, and then she became the cofounder of the Contemporary Dance Theatre KOMPmÁNIA (Hungary), where she worked as a choreographer and as a dancer. Afterwards she started a solo career while also working with other independent artists. She is also an organizer; the festival L1danceFest coordinated and curated by Márta is a meeting-event, as she is constantly interested in human interactions.
BY the way is a performance which reminds you that change starts when you allow yourself to truly see the person next to you, to understand and respect her/his universe. Márta's creation (…) plays on the importance of technique in choreography, on the one hand, and on the impact of emotion on individual actions on the other. Human touch generates the ideas of closeness and its opposite, the need for affection as well as detachment. (…) Everything builds upon the need of attention, dependency on the other, and rejection.
The performance is conceived cyclical, starting with the idea of collectivity, generated by the motions of bodies touching each other through repetitive rotations. For a while they are homogenous, guided by proximity, on the atemporal music of Zsolt Varga. However, closeness gradually dissolves into singularity. Everybody has something to say. Each performer has their own solo guided by their own thoughts, or fears, as the choreography changes from one stage to the other.
In BY the way the speed of reaction is proportionate with the speed of action. Imaginary spaces and non-figurative art are mingled together and presented not as a revolt, but as a settled performance. The message of the performance is that life cannot be contained within a capsule. Sometimes the meaning is clear, rhythmic, progressive, and sometimes it is translucent; in the end energies come together so intensely that bodies move in a chaos, emanating violent patches of light. Naked bodies unchained generate changes and energies in half-darkness, inviting the viewer to put together the whole image. Because the public needs to understand that it is the co-author of these stories, atypical as they are.”
(Irina Radu Yorick, translation by Monica Jitareanu)


Работно време: От понеделник до петък от 18:00-22:00 ч. Събота и неделя 11:00-19:30 ч.

тел. за връзка 0876950008

Адрес: София, бул. Сливница 245, етаж 4


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